Learning Targets For All Music Performance Courses

1. Tone Quality: consider- resonance, control, clarity, focus, consistency, warmth, and breath support
2. Intonation: consider- within ensemble and individually, accuracy to printed pitches
3. Rhythm: consider – accuracy of note and rest values, duration, pulse, steadiness, correctness of meters
4. Balance/Blend: consider – likeness of qualities, awareness/sensitivity to the ensemble, the conductor and the accompaniment
5. Technique: consider – artistry, attacks, releases, control of ranges, musical and/or mechanical skill, fingerings
6. Interpretation/Musicianship: consider – style, phrasing, tempo, dynamics, emotional involvement
7. Diction (vocal) Articulation (instrumental)
8. Other Performance Factors: consider – appropriate appearance, poise, posture, general conduct. mannerisms, facial expressions (vocal), memorization (if required), attendance, participation in class.